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 Cineclube de Atafona 

Próxima Sessão
Dia 18 de novembro

sessão duna
20:00 Durval Discos
2002 ‧ Thriller/Drama ‧ 1h 43m - direção: Anna Muylaert
elenco: Letícia Sabatella,Marisa Orth, André Abujamra, Ary França..

sessão vento
22:00 Rap, O Canto da Ceilândia
2005 ‧ curta doc ‧ 15 m - direção: Adirley Queirós

More than the possibility of watching some movies, making a movie club is opening a space for enjoyment and debate about film art. It is also to provoke reflections on the visible, the listening, the montage and the things of the world through cinema. Cinema that in the Cineclube de Atafona will be the Brazilian cinema produced in feature and short film. A cinematography that carries within itself a 100-year accumulation of intense and dizzying production, beginning with the Segretto brothers in the late nineteenth century, passing by Mario Peixoto and Humberto Mauro in the 1930s, by the chancades of Atlantis in the 1940s. and 50, by Cinema Novo and Marginal in 60 and 70, until the effervescence from the 2000s on with the cheap production provided by digital technology. This is to stay in an inevitably restricted cut of names and movements in a timeline.

Our programming will be presented fortnightly and will consist of a selection of films in two cutouts:

Dune Session:
movies that feature linear narratives that are relevant to Brazilian film history.

Wind Session: films that experiment with language, with thin or fragmented narratives.

Curator: Julia Naidin, Filipe Codeço and Fernando Codeço.

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