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CasaDuna – Atafona Art, Research and Memory Center

General information

Year of operation

  • 2017-2020

Brief description of the program

CasaDuna - Centro de Arte, Pesquisa e Memória de Atafona is an artistic residency and cultural center that temporarily is based on Atafona beach, municipality of São João da Barra, north coast of Rio de Janeiro. The city is undergoing an intense process of maritime erosion. This process has been intensified since the 70's. The geological movement that exists here is a natural phenomenon of silting. It is, however, getting stronger by human action in the river that crosses the states of Rio de Janeiro, São Paulo and Minas Gerais.
Julia Naidin and Fernando Codeço are the researchers and artists who live and work at CasaDuna, constantly receiving projects that are inserted in this context into a residency to develop individual and /or collective works.

We are a laboratory of aesthetic and sociocultural research, with its main focus in the fields of Contemporary Philosophy and Arts. Constantly seeking autonomous and institutional partnerships for collaboration and concealment of other socio-cultural projects, we offer a space for the production of individual and collective actions.

Residency Programs

Casa Duna Residência Artística is a program that seeks to meet national and international artists and researchers working in different fields, who are interested in producing works from the experience with the landscape and the beach community of Atafona, focusing on aesthetic, poetic and political-environmental aspects of this specific territory, creating different languages.




Number of artists and researchers per season

• 1 to 7


Type of organization


Areas and media

• visual arts
• philosophy
• theater
• cinema
• ecosystem
• social anthropology
• land art

Residency conditions

We offer:

• accommodation,
• internet,
• library,
• atelier,
• Breakfast,
• shared external area,
• possibility of renting bicycle


• costs: U$ 200 per Week for seasons over one month and U$ 250 per week for smaller seasons
• social, artistic or cultural projects
• institutional partnerships

Applications - who / how:

• open calls

Spoken languages

• Portuguese
• English
• French
• Spanish



The city is marked by its climate and constant transformation, by the effects of the intense action of the wind, sea and soil. Due to a past as a refined seaside resort, the town still boasts some restaurants, bars and small markets for local consumption.


An extensive coastal strip very close, bike rides, kayak by the river delta, Ilha da convivência


Presentation of the work of the artist / researcher

  • Organized case-by-case


Available subsidies

Each researcher or proposer must count on own subsidies to carry out the work as conceived. The Duna House offers space and a work situation. We are always working on trying to weave networks of action.

Expenses to be paid by the artist

• Travel

Artist's appointments

• Cleaning

Privacy Policy


Nearest Airport

Campos dos Goytacazes

How to get?

Bus or Car via Campos dos Goitacazes (39Km)

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