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 Casa Duna

Casa Duna - Atafona's Art, Research and Memory Center, is an artistic residence and cultural producer that is temporarily located in Atafona beach, municipality of São João da Barra, north coast of Rio de Janeiro. The place has been undergoing an intense process of maritime erosion.
We are a laboratory for aesthetic research and socio-cultural action with a major focus in the fields of philosophy and the arts, set in a constantly moving landscape. We propose a research that is action of aesthetic, political and social intervention. The interest turns to the experience of living this territory in its environmental and cultural aspects.
The themes of destruction and catastrophe, as well as that of resistance, adaptation and reinvention of meanings, echo in this specific space with the possibility of inscribing artistic experience in the landscape and life of communities and their social powers.
We realize the urgency of new micropolitical propositions, which aim at the poetic and functional resignification of human life in its geographical and cultural space.


Also the Paraíba River, almost without water and without force to push the sand it brings in its walk, has lowered much of the level, allowing the sea to invade the Pontal of Atafona. The sea has eaten more than 300 houses, three streets, two restaurants, a gas station, a beach soccer field and even threatens the Atafona Lighthouse, some 100 more houses and totally destroy the once beautiful Pontal region. "

Osório Peixoto Silva, 1981

Julia Naidin and Fernando Codeço in performance action proposed by the artist Caroline Valansi.
Art Residence in "Visual Erosions" program. Nov - 2018

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