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  Atafona  - Museum in Process

In this first exhibition, we present our permanent collection, with historical material taken care of by the poet and artisan Jair Vieira in the last 40 years in the city. We also present initial records of the Muxuango Project, coordinated by researchers João Almeida and André Pinto, which intends to record and investigate the former residents of Ilha da Convivência. We also have photographic works by Fred Alvim, Jessica Filipe, Flavio Bacellar, Mariana. Moraes, Rodrigo Sobrosa, Elisael Pereira Barros, Renata Lamenza, and Victor Aquino.

The purpose of this exhibition starts with the conception of the memory and culture space as an open, dynamic and collaborative agent. We begin an “interactive mural” designed to receive family photos in Atafona, personal records, historical objects that can be left for the composition of this collective memory space.

Atafona: Museum in process, means to bring the memory that every narrative, every rubble and every story of this beach, is in the process of becoming a trace, of giving testimony and testimony of a time lived for a time to come. It also speaks of an exhibition that will remain in process, open to new proposals and contributions. We are co-curated by André Pinto, a local museologist and cultural agent, who has helped us so much by dating his Jair's collection, by the charm of Sanjoan stories and by the love of the land.

Curators: Julia Naidin, Fernando Codeço and André Pinto.

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